Write and submit a two to three-page paper (not including


Write and submit a two to three-page paper (not including cover page and reference page) that addresses the following:

  • Introduction of freight forwarders
  • Freight forwarder duties and roles
  • Locate and describe a company doing freight forwarding
  • Company-specific services provided
  • Company payment terms and conditions
  • Airfreight forwarder regulations
  • Conclusion

Note: Please include the titles above and give each answer its own separate paragraph(s). 

Be Specific on the details and ensure the entire paper flows. 

Observe written assignment formatting requirements listed below.

· Times New Roman font

· 12-pt font size

· double-spaced text

· numbered pages

· Two references must be scholarly, peer-reviewed, and from reputable sources.

· Apply current APA style rules. 

Upon submission, your paper will automatically be evaluated through Turnitin for originality. Ensure your work is entirely your own and cite your sources!

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