We will be building a class (e.g., CS_Trivia) to manage


We will be building a class (e.g., CS_Trivia) to manage the data structures mentioned. You must have the following functions; the information that these functions need to work with should be passed as an argument. For example, to add a new trivia question and answer, the information about the item should be passed to the function from “the client program”. 


Task 1. Task 2. Task 3. 

Task 4. Task 5. Task 6. 

Task 7. 

Task 8. 

Construct an object (constructor)
Release all dynamic memory (destructor) Add a Trivia Question 

• pass in the category, the question, and the answer Display Questions of a particular category
Display all Questions (for debugging purposes) Remove a Category of Questions 

• Pass in the category and remove all questions in that list Select a Trivia Question 

  • Pass in the category and randomly select a question
  • Display the question Check Answer
  • For the most recently played Trivia question, compare the answer supplied as an argument with that trivia question
  • Return true if there is a match, false otherwise
  • This should not be case sensitive

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