VVritten @ssignments / Homework @ssignment #2 This is a two-part

 VVritten @ssignments / Homework @ssignment #2

This is a two-part 3ssay and Homework @ssignment. – I have uploaded   

CHAPTER 2 – The Internet, Digital Media, and Media Convergence use this as referrence.

Part One:  MLA format

VVrite a one-page 3ssay on your favorite Social Media platforms and the purpose it serves you. 

Part Two: MLA format

List 3 different media platforms and assess their purposes and how it affects our daily lives. ( one page) 

For Ex: How much time do you spend on the internet? Do you post for likes or comments? How does media make you feel?

VVritten in MLA format, use Times New Roman or Arial 12 font size, double space.  

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