Video: Episode 9 Response Group Discussion: How does the


Episode 9 Response

  1. Group Discussion: How does the group discuss the rehearsal? Was this productive? How would you improve the discussion process?
  2. Giving Feedback: Delia was given feedback on the topic of relying on notes. How was she given this feedback in the first version of the discussion? Consider your experiences of receiving feedback from others. What makes useful feedback?

Episode 10 Response

  1. Presentation Day Challenges: What kinds of challenges was the group faced with on the day of the presentation? Consider a time when you worked in a group. What kinds of challenges were you faced with, and how did you help the group to overcome them?
  2. Group Dynamics: What steps did the group take to ensure that the project would have a successful outcome?
  3. Lessons Learned: What do you consider to be the most important lesson that the group learned?

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