Using the company Vans “Off The Wall” as an example:

Using the company Vans “Off The Wall” as an example:

What is the leadership structure and approach for your Company? 

This section is the structure of the leadership of the company which would be in an organizational chart to show the positions and who reports to whom. Then be specific on the leadership approach that creates the culture of the company. How involved are the employees in decision making, what is communication like in the organization? Does the organization have an entrepreneurial spirit such as Google or is it more traditional with the executives and management making all decisions? This is a much deeper dive into the leadership and culture of the business.

What is your overall assessment of the business today and in the future?

This section should give a detailed assessment that is supported by research of how the company has performed, the assessment of how they treat customers and employees and the overall success of the business today as well as what you predict in the future. Remember these are not opinions, they are statements based on all the research you have done on the business. 

Follow APA, with table of contents, introduction, conclusion, and reference page. Include at least two sources other than the textbook (David, F.R. & F. David (2016). Strategic Management: Concepts (16th ed.). NJ: Prentice Hall, ISBN-13: 978-0-13-4-15397-1) for the assignment.

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