Topic: Annotated Bibliography Assessment Description In the previous assignment, learners

Topic: Annotated Bibliography

Assessment Description

In the previous assignment, learners identified primary quantitative research for their PICOT-D question and intervention. The purpose of this assignment is to create an annotated bibliography to inform on the relevance of the selected articles. The purpose of this assignment is to present the final primary quantitative research for your future DPI Project (based on the PICOT-D question).

General Requirements:

· Refer to the “Literature Evaluation Table” completed in your Topic 4 assignment. (ATTACHED)

· Refer to “Preparing Annotated Bibliographies” resource (ATTACHED). This resource provides criteria for other types of scholarly writing, so make sure you follow the APA style criteria.

· A minimum of six primary quantitative research articles, published within 5 years of your anticipated graduation date, are required to complete this assignment.

· Doctoral learners are required to use the 7th APA style for their writing assignments. T

· You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite for Plagiarism check.



For this assignment, create an annotated bibliography (APA 7th) to inform the reader on the six primary quantitative research articles identified on your “Literature Evaluation Table.” Include the following:

1. If any of the five original articles submitted on your “Literature Evaluation Table” fail to meet the required criteria, or if you have been instructed to replace or revise the articles, make these changes prior to beginning this assignment. Two of the five articles must provide direct support for your proposed intervention.

2. For each annotation, concisely discuss your evaluation of the article’s quality, accuracy, and relevance to your PICOT-D. When discussing relevance, explain how the research directly supports the PICOT-D question or intervention.

3. Attach the updated “Literature Evaluation Table” to an appendix in this new assignment.


You have a good start, but you still have a lot of work to do on your PICOT. For this assignment you needed to include at least 5 articles. You have only three.

Your article does not support an intervention. It speaks of research related to mental health resources. You need to find a study with a validated intervention that you can implement. You needed to include 5 studies for this activity.

Three articles, including articles from the clinical practice guidelines, if applicable, meet the criteria required for a primary research article. The evaluation of the articles contains numerous inaccuracies. It is unclear how the research articles, and clinical practice guidelines support the intervention.

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