To demonstrate your ability to analyze a business scenario and


To demonstrate your ability to analyze a business scenario and create a “real world” database

Assignment: Create a database for a small e-commerce web site. As a minimum, it should include the following entities:

  • Customer – name, address, city, state, zip, etc.
  • Inventory – description, category, quantity on hand, unit price, etc.
  • Order – date, payment info, etc.
  • OrderDetail – typical shopping cart line items
  • Supplier – vendor info to include MainPhone, SalesPhone, ShippingPhone, and BillingPhone
  • StateFees – list of 50 states and the sales tax and shipping costs


  • Inventory and Supplier start out as a N:M, so you’ll need to fix that
  • The fee info is: 1) Charge 6.25% tax in Texas 2) Charge 8.25% tax in California, 3) All other states have 0% tax…. and 4) Charge $4 to ship to TX, LA, OK, NM, 5) Charge $8 to ship to AK and HI, and 6) Charge $6 shipping to all other states.
  • Real databases do not always allow you delete records, so please account for this in your table design
  • Use the database diagram to ensure that there are no “orphan” tables

As a minimum, You must create Views, Table Functions, or Scalar Functions for the following:

  • query to produce the extended price (a single value) for a given Order and a given Line Item
  • query to show all order activity details for a given Customer
  • query to show the total cost (cost of items + tax + shipping) for a given order
  • query to show the total sales (in $) for each month
  • query to show the total sales (in $) for each category of product
  • create a view to demonstrate the use of each of the functions above
  • You need to have enough sample data in your database to be able to demonstrate that each query works

Notes: You must provide an MDF file from SQL Server 2017… not a later version!

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