This paper will describe the marketing mix for your project,

This paper will describe the marketing mix for your project, including product, promotion, distribution, and pricing for Hershey’s company. 

The elements of Milestone 3 will be a little different for each student. In some cases, for instance, product or service won’t be the primary issue; rather the focus will be on, say distribution or pricing. In your case, you can write about how the product will be improved (taste), and any new products to be introduced. You also note that pricing is an issue, so you can recommend how to solve that. Hershey’s will also need a promotional strategy, perhaps addressing the taste issue. How should they go about getting people to taste the improved product?

Paper length: 4 full pages, not including title page and references. Must be in APA format and include at least 6 References along with page numbers added to in-text citations. 

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