This instructor assigned a conflict case scenario where the nurse

This instructor assigned a conflict case scenario  where the nurse practitioner ‘student must assess and implement an action plan for management. The APRN student will work in a clinical group, discuss how to initiate a plan of action in resolving the clinical issue and present a PowerPoint presentation.


 You are a charge nurse of a medical unit and a nurse brought forward a complaint regarding a relationship with Nurse X. The charge nurse reported that over a period of six months, since her appointment to the unit, tension continued to escalate between the two and at the time of the complaint the charge nurse indicated that she felt as though she were working in an unhealthy, hostile environment. The charge nurse could not identify when the conflict began but did recognize that an on-going deterioration of the relationship had resulted and that a series of small events contributed to the problems. The individuals were no longer speaking directly to each other unless absolutely necessary. The other staff members noticed that communication was significantly impacted and even information regarding patient care was shared with limitations. The charge nurse reported that the two individuals had very different work styles and approaches to patient care. She reported feeling that Nurse X was a strong personality that others avoided for fear of disapproval or reprisals. She felt as though she were excluded from the group of seasoned employees because she was new to the unit, essentially an outsider.She felt that a power imbalance existed and that the Nurse X held a great deal of influence over others, regardless of the fact that she was in a leadership position. Additionally, the charge nurse believed that the respondent did not complete her work and this perception contributed to the conflict.

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-Conflict Resolution Group Case Scenario PowerPoint Presentation. In your slides answer the following questions applying them to the conflict assigned to your group. 

1 Introduction 10 (what type of conflict is yours:

2 Your group Case scenario -10 (as given to you by this Instructor)

3 Discuss the specific conflict specific to your case -15

4 Discuss individuals involved 10 

5 Discussed the plan of action 15

6 Results expected 15

7 Accountability partners 10 (related your problem case: patient, administration, etcetera)

8 References -15




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