This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.Instructions Overview Review the

 Turnitin® enabledThis assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.Instructions


  1. Review the instructions for the SEC 10-K project. This week’s report focuses on the Statement of Shareholders’ Equity.
  2. Review the Notes to the Financial Statements for any items pertaining to Shareholders’ Equity .
  3. Write a  report of at least one-page. Consider using bullet points. A more expansive submission would qualify you for a higher grade.
  4. This report will assist you in the final SEC 10-K project deliverables.
  5. Submit it as a Word document.


The report should include the following:

  • Sections or line items of the Shareholders’ Equity including but not limited to:
    • Beginning Balance
    • Common Stock
    • Retained Earnings or Accumulated Deficit
    • Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income or Loss
    • Net Income or Loss
  • Each account name must be shown under a separate heading reflecting the account name. Heading should be in bold. An excellent submission is one which show the dollar values for each account for two years, calculates the difference between the two years in dollars and then expresses that difference in terms of a percentage increase or decrease. Then comment on the account  balances and changes. The numerical information can be presented as a table. Then, review the Notes to Financial Statements to see if you can glean additional information on these accounts. 

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