The final reflection asks you to reflect on what you

The final reflection asks you to reflect on what you learned this semester. When you think about the course on a whole, what have you learned about information literacy? Compare what you thought about information literacy before the class began and what you think about information literacy now.  You should focus on what it means to you to be an effective user of ideas and information and how you anticipate using the strategies you have learned in future coursework.  

You have two options for completing the reflection:

Write a minimum 300-word reflecting on course learnings.  Include citations to the course resources (lectures, readings, videos and/or tutorials) that most impacted your learning.


Reflect on the course in some other creative fashion that speaks to you. Examples include videos, infographics, drawings, cartoons and mind maps. Be creative; your submission format is flexible as long as you meet the prompt. Provide citations for any course resources you reference.

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