“The Dead Grandmother Exam/Syndrome,”

 Paragraph Assignment #1 Seven to Ten Sentences in Response to Mike Adams’ “The Dead Grandmother Exam/Syndrome,”. You will need to download the article from the Web Links page and will need to have read all of it before starting this assignment. 1. Look at the Adams’ credentials just under the title as well as the format and layout the article. 2. How much does it appear to be a scholarly article in a respected academic journal? 3. What tips you off as to the true purpose of the article, and what is that purpose? 4. Make your case with no fewer than seven and no more than ten sentences. 5. Quote no more than two sentences, and opt for paraphrasing as a general rule. 6. Whether you quote or paraphrase, always introduce the words with a phrase that identifies the speaker in the same sentence and the page number (in parentheses) at the end of the sentence, before the period. 7. Type your double-spaced paragraph in MLA format, so see the MLA Format Sample on the Writer’s Toolbox page on Blackboard.

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