Substantive response APA format 175300 word Cite 12 references Respond to the following: Stephen Notaro 7:41 PM What sad

Substantive response
APA format
175-300 word
Cite 1-2 references
Respond to the following:
Stephen Notaro
7:41 PM
What sad but interesting information on the CDC COVID Data Tracker (November 10, 2020) website story today.
According to
the CDC in the past seven (7) days 6,844 Americans from the virus. That is almost 1,000 a day, or about one every 90 seconds. I like to remind all of us that behind each one of those 6,844 there is a person who was seriously ill and died, who most likely had family and friends, and how sad it is.
I also want you to take note of how the Washington Post (July 30, 2020) this summer when 1,449 Americans died said it was about one per minute.
So that is an attempt to put these numbers in a form that people can understand.
Most people hear 6,844 and they think that sounds like a lot but they need a reference point.
Therefore, one per 90 seconds (or a minute and a half) is that reference on how big is the number 6,844.
So then in the time it takes to read this post, at least one person died from the virus.
That makes it more real.
My question to you is this.
Do you think stating the statistics in this way, one per 90 seconds, makes it more understandable to most?
Can you think of other ways you would state this data to advance the public’s knowledge or understanding?
CDC (2020). CDC COVID data tracker.
The Washington Post.
(July 30, 2020).
Live updates: U.S. reports 1,400 coronavirus deaths in a day — about one per minute.

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