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 As part of the sales pitch you’ll be recommending a social media strategy for your brand. Your strategy should be clear and comprehensive, after reading it we should understand exactly what you’re recommending the brand does and how. It’s not enough to say we’re going to use “Facebook, Twitter and Instagram” we want to know how. Are you going to use stories, posts or both? Have a Facebook Group or just a page? What type of content will you be publishing on these channels? In your strategy you should have sections covering the following: Introduction A brief overview of the social media strategy that identifies how it will fit in the overall campaign and three goals you’ve identified for the efforts. Platforms Identify three social networks you plan on using for your campaign and describe why these are the right channels. Execution Describe what specifically you’ll be doing on each platform and how. Will you be using Instagram posts or stories? What hash tags will you use? What type of content will you be creating? Is it informative? Funny? Topical? Describe how this would add value to your target audience. Why do they want to see this content in their social feeds? Why do they want to follow you? Create one piece of sample content for each social network. This can be described if it’s visual in nature, i.e. describe an idea for YouTube video. Measurement Identify how you’ll measure and gauge success of the efforts. Expectations Must be at least 500 words Must be client ready, nicely formatted and formal in language There should be enough information and detail that the brand would understand exactly what you’re planning to do, what type of content you’re suggesting be created and published and where it would be distributed and/or published

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