: Sexuality Problem Students must write an excellent paper is 7 9 pages in length double spaced includes 1 only

: Sexuality Problem
Students must write an excellent paper is 7 – 9 pages in length, double spaced includes (1) only ONE clearly stated (in the thesis statement) & well-defined issue related to sexuality problem of the 21st century (in the introduction – supported by a scholarly source); (2) supporting content of at least 3-5 clearly stated (in the introduction) and explained reasons/factors (in the body) that provide a holistic understanding of the selected sexuality issue that demonstrates its severity by identifying ways in which it links to social, political, and economic aspects within the global society (visuals can be included such as graphs, tables, charts); (3) a well-developed conclusion with solutions applicable to societal norms, policies, perspectives, etc.; (4) cited course readings & outside scholarly and popular cultural material within the essay; (5) provides an ASA formatted bibliography of at least nine cited sources within the text & in the bibliography (two must be course readings/viewings); and (6) a reasonable turnitin.com rating not to exceed 14
% of uncited sources (see criteria).
Keep in mind, your paper must go beyond simply identifying a sexuality problem.
You must select an issue related to sexuality that is the most critical in the 21st Century.
For example, would pre-marital sex be the most critical sexuality problem of the 21st Century? If so, you have to prove that by addressing it to three critical aspects– social, political, and economic – that affect all matters in society You are selecting a sexuality issue that is relevant during this technologically advanced area of global capitalism and impacts several other matters in peoples everyday lives.
You should identify root causes connected to your stated sexuality issue in the critical reflective paper.
I advise students to start brainstorming then develop a conceptual map to deconstruct at least 2 or3 sexuality issues and then make the final selection based on its significance.
Examples of Issues Related to Sexuality – Homophobia, Pedophilia, Sex Trafficking, Molestation, STDs, rape, pre-marital sex, pornography, eroticism, sexual repression of women, genital mutilation, teenage pregnancy, sexual disorders, masturbation, media depiction of sex and sexuality, religious ideology of sex and sexuality, etc. Keep in mind, some of the issues would be perceived as universal problems while others would only be characterized as issues according to how they are viewed in society (perspectives).
However, not all of them are literally life or death matters in the grand scheme of things.
I have given you many ideas and options; of course, you must make a clear argument stating how your selected sexuality issue is the MOST CRITICAL SEXUALITY PROBLEM TODAY.

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