Review the Marketing Excellence: case study on p. 523 of your textbook. Discuss why Amazon has been so successful

Review the Marketing Excellence: case study on p. 523 of your textbook. Discuss why Amazon has been so successful when so many other companies have failed. Name a company that has provided or will provide Amazon with some level of competition. Include your rationale.

I recall Amazons start as a bookseller and how it truly transformed that industry. The company parlayed processes and technology used in that start to expand, as everyone knows, into virtually every area one can think of. As a bookseller, Amazon created an integrated sourcing system of suppliers so that local and regional booksellers extended their reach through the Amazon online system. As our reading noted, the company owned no books in the early days, however, it gradually reached across established sales systems by offering FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), supplier storefronts under the aegis of Amazon for payment collection, shipping, returns, and customer service help. Adding the associate program to their repertoire, individuals and other supplier websites created a funnel system of customers to Amazon. The company continues to blur established lines by setting up Sunday deliveries through the U.S. postal service, moving into groceries, obtaining regional fulfillment/distribution centers, and creating its own massive vehicle fleet for deliveries replete with socially responsible goals of a zero carbon footprint by 2040.
Founder Jeff Bezos dreamed of Amazon selling everything to everybody – something that seems increasingly possible.
As the company added products and services, the A to Z logo became literally true. Innovative technology continued to improve the convenience and brand image of Amazon as the worlds online marketplace for low costs and proliferate options. Its one-click checkout process added to the ease of doing business with the company and reduced orphan carts that are the problems in e-commerce. Amazon Prime is another smashing success that showcases that the company is in touch with the pulse of consumers. Prime is the ultimate frequent buyer/VIP program. By including free shipping in the benefits package, the annual fee virtually guarantees customers will return and likely buy from Amazon. Other innovations include Fire TV and the Kindle devices, that complement Amazons sales business in their respective areas. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the largest online provider in its field, besting even Microsoft.
eBay is a large competitor of Amazon with a recognized online platform on its own. eBay has adapted from a bidding site, including adding buy it now features and supplier e-commerce storefronts. The payment system, PayPal, started by Elon Musk, was a part of eBay, providing services to facilitate eBay’s sales and returns. PayPal was spun off from eBay in 2015 and has quite a large niche in its field, as well.
eBay acquired the successful ticket consolidator, StubHub, in 2020 right before the pandemic hit in the U.S. It was an attempt to bolter eBay’s lagging fortunes largely vis-a-vis Amazon.

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