Research Proposal for Compartmental models in epidemiology SIS SIR

Draft of Introduction: (Due Week 7) 20 points By this point you need to have identified the methods that you will employ in modeling your problem or application. The introduction should include most of the content of the proposal, but in more detail. A background paragraph or two must list previous work in this area, with citations to references. You should make a particular effort to distinguish the current work from previous efforts (e.g., yours is a simplification/generalization of so-and-so’s work). Although you likely do not yet have results, it would be a good idea to describe what you expect to happen so as to have had the practice in describing results.

Rough Draft: (Due Week 9) 40 points See sample above under Introduction. Your rough draft should include an abstract and a bibliography. The introduction of the draft should outline the entire paper. It is appropriate to describe tasks not yet completed and to state hypothesis not yet tested. However, some results are expected for this draft; it should not simply be a longer Introduction.

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