REPLY1 Maria THIS WAS MY PROFESSOR Thank you for sharing this application of the Dynamics of Trust Model to resolving

Thank you for sharing this application of the Dynamics of Trust Model to resolving conflict. The first step is to recognize that there is a trust issue for either you, the other person, or both. You did this well in your description. Looking at this model again, more closely, what are the next steps to applying this model to resolving the conflict? How can you use this model to rebuild trust?
For this post, and for this class, I am going to speak about the Dynamics of Trust model. My reason for wanting to consider this model is that I feel you can apply it to more than just situations of conflict. Even when speaking about conflict, I believe it is applicable to all conflict. According to Gulati & Sytch (2008), trust plays a part in day to day life, and even various fields of academia are researching and confirming its influence whether it is sociology, psychology, or even economics.
Regarding this model, it seeks to look at the dynamics of turst (of couse) but also how we attribute blame (Furlong, 2005). I think this is very interesting, the part about how we attribute blame. Often, and it is no shame to admit this, we blame others. No one wants to point at themselves for mistakes, espeically if they find themselves in a conflict with someone they do not think they can trust. Almost by association, it is instinct to blame those we do not trust. A great example of this from my life is a time when I thought my cousin stole money from me. It wound up not being true, I misplaced my wallet and found it days later. However, my cousin had served jail time for theft and on more than one occaisson. So when he came to stay with me and my brothers, and when I could not find my wallet, I thought it seemed reasonable to blame and not trust him because of his past.

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