Purpose The purpose of this assignment is for students to

 Purpose The purpose of this assignment is for students to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation designed  to convey the information from the Microsoft Word Project to an audience. The audience for this  assignment is a group of your peers who are unfamiliar with the issue you are presenting. Please note  that students must complete the Microsoft Word Project Assignment before starting this project. Content Requirements This assignment will reuse much of the content created for the Microsoft Word Lab Assignment, but  shortened and formatted properly for a presentation. This presentation should:  contain a title slide including your full name, title of presentation (which may or may not be  different than the title of your paper for the Microsoft Word Project Assignment), course and  section number, instructor’s name, and the date  include at least ten slides of content (this does not include the title slide, bibliography slide, or  final closing slide of the presentation). This content should: o include one or more slides introducing the issue you wrote about in the Microsoft Word  Lab Assignment o include slides that describe all sides of the issue o follow good presentation design principles. Search the Web for credible resources that  identify guidelines for creating good presentations, and adhere to those guidelines.  o include at least one image (a photo or clipart) that helps explain a concept in your  presentation and add visual appeal. Please note that images should not be used to  replace information that should be conveyed in text format, but instead to help  supplement the text in your slides  include citations, where appropriate, for content you pull from other sources (please note that  Microsoft PowerPoint does not have a References tab, so you will need to enter the citations  manually)  include a Works Cited (or Bibliography) slide that lists your sources. These sources most likely  will be the same as your sources for the Microsoft Word Lab Assignment. In addition, you must cite the source you used to research good presentation design principles. Please note that  Microsoft PowerPoint does not have a References tab, so you will need to enter the information  on this slide manually. Do not copy and paste this information from your Word document.  include a final, closing slide in your presentation wrapping up the presentation. This should  appear as the last slide, after the Works Cited/Bibliography slide Technical Requirements In addition to meeting the content requirements for this assignment, you also will need to demonstrate  your proficiency of Microsoft PowerPoint by applying the following formatting:Page 2 of 4  Apply the Title Slide layout to the first (title) slide in your presentation  For the ten (or more) content slides, use a combination of at least three different slide layouts  (not including the Title Slide layout) for your content. All presentation content should be added  to the existing placeholders in the slides – blank slides should not be used.  Choose an appropriate Theme (from the Design tab) for this presentation. Do not use the  default Office Theme  Use the tools on the Design tab in PowerPoint to change the Theme Colors and Theme Fonts in  the presentation from the defaults  Display and use the Slide Master (use the VIEW tab) to change the default bullet style for the master slide and conform the bullets change for the entire presentation  Format all images in your presentation with an appropriate Picture Style. Also, add a Picture  Border to the image  Insert an additional clipart image (be sure to use clipart and not a picture from a file on your  hard disk) that applies to the content of your presentation. Use the Remove Background tool to  remove the background elements of the clipart, and only display what’s in the foreground.  Please note that you may have to use the tools on the Background Removal tab (which will show  when you select the image and enable the Remove Background tool) to perfect the background  removal. The background cannot be removed from all clipart; you should insert a photograph  from the Clipart gallery instead of an illustration, so that you will be able to remove the  background. An example (which you cannot use in your project) is shown here:  Copy and paste information from your Microsoft Word Lab Assignment document into the  Notes Pane in PowerPoint that will help you explain each slide (as if you were to present it). All  content slides should have related information from your Microsoft Word Lab Assignment in the  Notes Pane  Include the slide number and presentation title (hint: insert the presentation title as the Footer)  on every slide but the title slide image with  background  removed image without  background  removedPage 3 of 4  Include the fixed date (use the assignment due date as the fixed date) and presentation title  (hint: insert the presentation title as the Footer) for Notes and Handouts. Be sure the page  number is still selected.  All Web sites referenced throughout your presentation should be formatted as hyperlinks (you  will have at least two of these on your Works Cited / Bibliography slide)  Apply an appropriate slide transition to each slide in the presentation  Apply appropriate animation effects so that bulleted items display by 1st Level Paragraphs  Slides should advance and animations should display on mouse click only, and not automatically  (do not add any timings to your presentation)  Run a Spelling & Grammar check to make sure your presentation is free of spelling and  grammatical errors  In the Properties for this presentation, make sure your full name appears in the Author property  (if it does not, change it), and that the title of this presentation appears in the Title property Submission Guidelines It is important for students to pay close attention to the submission guidelines in order to receive full  credit for this assignment.  Save the file as PowerPointProjectLastNameFirstName.xlsx (where LastNameFirstName should  be replaced with your last and first name)  Close the file after saving it. Otherwise the file will not attach properly to the email message.  Submit the file to Blackboard. Important Notes  Start the assignment well in advance of the due date. Last minute problems on your end will not  be an excuse for missing a deadline  Do not use anyone else’s work. After we receive all assignments, we will run them through an  automated process to check for plagiarism. Any violations or any plagiarism will result in a zero  on this assignment and possible further disciplinary action by the College. It is better to miss  turning in an assignment (or to turn in an incomplete assignment) and receive a lower grade  than to risk going through a Student Conduct review process  Using a Mac version of Microsoft Office is entirely at your own risk. If the Mac version does not  allow you to perform certain steps outlined in this document, you will lose points for those steps 

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