Pick three chapters from the book that interest you. In

Pick three chapters from the book that interest you.

  1. In detail explain something you learned from each chapter and how you may apply this information. Go into detail.  Some examples of how you can apply this information is:
    1. I will use this information in my home office by…….
    2. At work it will be helpful with……
    3. This will benefit me in my future employment by…….
    4. I was surprised to learn that…….
  2. Use one outside reference and research about one of the things you wrote about.
  3. You will need the following components in your paper:
    1. A title page
    2. 5 pages
    3. Reference page citing both the textbook and the reference for the outside.
  4. Use APA style formatting for this paper.


I’ve submitted Chapter 1, 3, and 5 as well ass the name of the book .

Computers: Understanding Technology by Lisa A. Bucki 

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