Overview The purpose of the assignment is to teach students


The purpose of the assignment is to teach students how to formulate and pursue global governance research within their area of interest. Read the instructions and submit the proposed research topic for approval. What is your topic of interest? What puzzles confound you in the area of global governance theory and practice? What role do international institutions, private and government officials, NGOs, and multinational corporations play in global governance? 


Identify a topic of interest and describe it in a paragraph. Reflect on the purpose of your study (i.e., to explain, understand, explore, examine, critique, etc.) Formulate and submit the research question.

§  The paper must not be on a subject written for any other course, a Discussion Assignment or Essay for this course.

§  The topic should be narrow enough to write a short paper (5-6 pages) yet detailed enough to contain a thesis statement, be coherent, and clear. The Instructor will help you narrow your topic.

The research topic must be written in current APA style with default margins, 12-pt Times New Roman font, and submitted in an MS Word document. The paper must include a title page and reference page, also in current APA format. 


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