Overview As the semester draws to a close, it is


As the semester draws to a close, it is time to reflect on a number of topics we have discussed thus far and find strengths and weakness that you have in your personal wellness.

This assignment is meant to be introspective; however, you must defend your position for each question by citing specific concepts, principles, topics, prevention techniques, etc.


  1. Create a document.
  2. Respond to these prompts and questions.
    • Consider HOW your lifestyle, attitudes, and characteristics relate to each of the six dimensions of wellness. List your strengths for each dimension and then choose what you consider to be your 3 best strengths and mark each with an asterisk (*). Be sure you indicate the proper traits/examples to the correct dimension of wellness. Then pick just ONE weakness for each area and mark the one you consider to be the greatest deficiency with an asterisk (*).
    • Identify the component of Wellness that you feel defines you best. Discuss in detail how and why this component resonates with you. Explain.
    • Identify the component of Wellness that you would most like to change. Discuss why and how you could implement this change. Explain.
    • Explain how you can alter the PHYSICAL component of Wellness to lead a lifestyle that could help to manage stress more effectively. Justify your answer by citing specific risk factors and risk factor management.

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