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Conduct an online literature search of keywords  National Library of Medicine Access the National Library of Medicine web site. ( Conduct an online literature search of keywords related to the definition, development, and current status of public health administration in the U.S. using at least 5 peer reviewed journals. Use full sentences answering questions 1-3. 1. Indicate the parameters used in this search. (Search engines key words, etc.) 5 points 2. Indicate the general contents of one peer reviewed journal article you accessed and the different parts of the article. 5 points 3. What was the most useful journal article that you found? 5 points 4. List 5 peer reviewed journal articles as References using APA alphabetical order by last name of first author for 35 points or 7 points per reference. References Reference 1 Reference 2 Reference 3 Reference 4 Reference 5

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