Instructions: For your Final Assessment of the Yesler Terrace Redevelopment


Instructions: For your Final Assessment of the Yesler Terrace Redevelopment Plan, you will examine and research a specific issue or “frame” of the Yesler plan, providing an in-depth analysis about the work being done. This final assessment will go much further than your early assessment of the plan, and will specifically focus on the implementation process (remember that we are approximately halfway through the initially proposed timeline for the plan). You should not attempt to assess this redevelopment plan in its entirety for this short term paper. You should select a particular issue, frame, or “red flag” from the plan, and provide a deep assessment of how that part of the plan is playing out.

You could focus on the relocation plan for displaced residents, or assess the community involvement process, or the approach to promote social interaction; or perhaps a specific element of how the plan is being implemented (ratio of affordable units, the timelines, it’s alignment with its stated values, etc). HOWEVER, you may also propose your own alternative framing for your final assessment based on a particular flaw or opportunity you identify in the redevelopment of Yesler Terrace or a particular concern or interest that emerged from your Early Assessment that you want to examine deeper (I’d recommend that alternative framing ideas be bounced off me for feedback).

These papers should display that you have analyzed and evaluated the Yesler Redevelopment project critically, but I am also interested in hearing your newly informed perspective on a recommendation as well. It is normal to have concerns and skepticism going in but enter this work as a researcher (ask a question, gather the data, and make a fair assessment). I would expect these papers to be 8-12 pages long (2500-3500 words), double-spaced, and you will be required to have at least 10 “legitimate” references for your research. Use any and all of our course readings, media articles, meeting minutes, implementation documents, etc. to gather your evidence.


Your papers should include the following components:  

  1. Introduction and General Assessment. Provide an overview of the plan and your overall thoughts to introduce the case. Does the plan have merits? Could this plan have some process if certain issues/concerns are addressed? Is the plan built on a false premise?
  2. Background. This section should identify your specific frame of analysis. You will identify the part of the plan that you think carries a particular concern or red flag, or perhaps a certain opportunity for this plan to work better than some of our other examples of redevelopment. Be sure to explain why this issue/frame matters, and find examples of other cities or communities where your issue has been problematic to ground your ideas.
  3. Assessment. This is the heart of your paper. Use any and all readings and data you can find to make your assessment. This could be from official documents, meeting minutes, media, etc.
  4. Conclusion and Recommendations. This section should discuss the broad results and lessons learned based. Summarize what you found in your assessment. Make recommendations for moving forward: what to continue, what to immediately include, warnings about the direction. Think critically, but angle your recommendations toward problem-solving and progress.
  5. References. You should have at least 10 references in this paper to support the case you are making, ground your ideas and provide evidence. The less evidence you provide, the weaker the argument. Use your preferred citation style, but be consistent and cite properly based on the format chosen.

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