In this assignment you will be looking at medical costing.Based on your research andthe attached article prepare a 5page summary

In this assignment, you will be looking at medical costing.
Based on your research and
the attached article, prepare a 5-page summary in Microsoft Word (using the template provided) of the medical costing method discussed in the article.
You must use a total of 5 additional sources.
Provide an overview of the costing method used in the article.
Then discuss how you would change the costing method, if at all. Would you add in additional costs or remove any of the costs discussed? Why you would make those changes?
Finally, discuss how you think the article selected will help you in your future career as it relates to costing.
Provide examples to back up your ideas.
Be sure your paper and references are in proper APA format and follow the template provided. The paper MUST be written in third person. Font must be size 12, Times New Roman.

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