I need 150 words Initial Post for each discussion and two replies of 5060 words each for each one discussion

I need 150 words Initial Post for each discussion and two replies of 50-60 words each for each one discussion
Module 12 Discussion
Describe one physical, chemical, biological or psycho-social stress hazard that workers can be exposed to on the job and an associated adverse health effect with the exposure. Discuss one strategy that can be implemented to prevent or reduce the exposure. Explain why it is important for primary healthcare providers, (physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants) to ask patients about their occupation when performing routine physical exams.
Module 4 Discussion
Considering the topic this week of natural disasters (Hurricane Katrina), what do you think is the most likely disaster that would hit Ohio?
Also, what about the Northeast Ohio region specifically? What would local public healths role be in that event?
Justify your response, being concise with spelling and grammar, and respond with a single (1), detailed follow up reply to a
classmates post.
Be sure to cite sources for both your main and single,
follow up reply response.
Module 13 Discussion
View the scenario presented in the document titled “M12 Activity – Public Health Screening Program” which describes a new screening test and its potential use in developing public policy.
Discuss the scenario with your assigned group. Consider the various aspects of analyzing and interpreting the data, including those aspects posed in the questions outlined in the document. Suggest and calculate analytic measures and discuss their interpretations. You must
at least one substantive group discussion post by Thursday
at 11:59PM ET.
Then, suggest and discuss recommendations you think should be made based on the information provided. You must
at least one additional group discussion post by Sunday
at 11:59PM ET

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