How does Khanna feel about the phrase, “geography is

  1. How does Khanna feel about the phrase, “geography is destiny”? What is connectography?
  2. What is a megacity cluster? Provide at least one example of a megacity cluster and a resource the cities within that cluster share.
  3. Why do people move to cities? How does this help cities and what do cities ultimately want?
  4. Explain how connectivity has helped improve climate change.
  5. What does Khanna suggest we need to invest in to address the economic disparity within the same megacities and why?
  6. What does Khanna note about Russia regarding its connectivity to the rest of the world? In what ways might this impact Russia’s relationships with other world powers?
  7. According to Khanna, what lines are most important in North America and what does the continent need most?
  8. Explain why Khanna believes connectivity could greatly benefit the Middle East.
  9. Discuss why Khanna believes a major war has not yet broken out in the Far East.


  1. In what ways are the lives of people who live in villages like Khurvaleti impacted by frozen conflicts?
  2. After listening to Khanna’s TED talk and the report from South Ossetia, how could connectivity help people caught in frozen conflict?


  1. Are we as dependent on the natural world as ancient groups? Why or why not?
  2. What are some of the challenges of feeding the world?
  3. How did agriculture influence the location and structure of early cities?
  4. How did modern transportation change the relationship of cities to food?
  5. What does Steel mean by “sitopia”?
  6. Based on Steel’s discussion, what relationship do you have with the food that you eat? What could you do to have a closer connection to the food that you consume? Write at least two paragraphs discussing this relationship and the changes you could make.
  7. Does the structure of your town or city have any relationship to food? Why or why not? How could a closer connection to food or a “sitopia” be encouraged in your hometown or city? Write at least two paragraphs in response.

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