How has Darrell Posey’s study of the Kayapó influenced the way you think about subsistence patterns in the Amazon Basin, if at all?

These are the instructions for the first essay. This is a short essay of between 500- and 900-words length. It is worth 20 points or 10% of your final calculated grade. Remember that an essay makes a point and defends it. Your introduction informs the reader what the point of your paper is, the body paragraphs bear out the reasons why your point is valid, and your conclusion sums up the case you have just (hopefully) made. Prepare your paper using a standard, easily legible11-or12-point font, double spaced with 1″ margins on all sides. Always use proper and formal academic language and avoid slang, incorrect grammar or misspelled words (except in direct quotes, of course). Give your essay a title, be it ever so basic, and make sure your name at the top of the page. Course materials should be enough to answer any of these questions, but if you use any outside sources, cite them in your essay and with a bibliographic citation afterward, and use them with the course materials and not in place of them. The preferred citation format is Chicago (author-date), but SHA, SSA, and Turabian are fine as well. 

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