Hinduism and Buddhism

Choose ONE ISSUE covered in the course and compare how it relates to TWO RELIGIONS of your choice.

Two religions are : Hinduism and Buddhism

An “ISSUE” may consist of one of the following themes or it may be a combination of two or three related themes: The gender of God Gods and Goddesses God language Incarnation and gender Reincarnation and gender Founders’ attitudes to women Adam and Eve Women as sexual temptresses Life-cycle rituals Celibacy and/or Marriage Spousal obedience Dowry Adultery Divorce Child marriage Remarriage Interfaith partners Polygamy Motherhood and Fertility Preference for sons Menstruation Female circumcision Women’s ordination/ prayer Leadership roles Women as models of holiness Women as spiritual teachers Clothing and women It should also contain a complete bibliography (= list of sources) of all sources actually cited, and an appropriate referencing system of your choice. Sources can include books, articles and appropriate websites. A standard bibliography for this essay would have at least five sources. You should not include scriptural books in your bibliography. When quoting scriptures, simply provide the book, chapter and verse (eg Quran 5:43; Genesis: 1:17-24; Matthew 17:2-6; Laws of Manu 9:55). There is no need to reference the lecture material but if this mentions a scriptural passage or other work then you should reference that.

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