For your initial post, document the most recent dream or


For your initial post, document the most recent dream or dreams that you can remember in as much depth as possible. Try to include as many details as you can. For example: Who was in the dream(s) with you? What were you doing? What were you saying? What emotions were you experiencing? If you haven’t been dreaming recently, you can discuss a dream or dreams you’ve had in the past, or talk about a reoccurring dream or dreams. Remember that at least 2 paragraphs (3-5 sentences minimum for each paragraph) are required to be eligible for max points in Comprehension (see discussion grading rubric). 

Rarely, I will have a student who has never had a dream in their life that they can recall. If this is you, please contact me for an alternative Part One initial post.

Dreaming Tips: Keep a notebook by your bed this week.  It may help to write a dream down immediately after you wake up. Since most people experience REM (i.e., dreaming) about 70-90 minutes into a sleep cycle, you can also try taking a nap. Do not discuss what you think the dream might mean in your initial post…your classmates are going to do that for you!


For your classmate responses, choose 2 individuals and analyze their dream by going to or another dream interpretation website (make sure you tell them which one you are using!) Try to investigate what the events, objects, people, places, etc might mean (according to the experts!)  Are the themes in their dream(s) common or rare? Which theory of dreaming (psychodynamic, problem solving/cognitive, or activation synthesis) makes the most sense when considering the dream(s) and why? Make sure you leave personal opinion out of your analyses.  This is simply an investigation of what expert dream analysts might say.

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