Final Project Paper [Due 5/5] When applied to public administration


Final Project Paper [Due 5/5]

When applied to public administration and urban management, the objective of data analytics is to produce relevant, high quality, and timely evidence to underpin and guide effective strategic decision making. There is strong evidence showing that statistical applications can play an important role in benefiting not only private firms, but also public sector administration by generating more and better solutions that meet the needs of governance, healthcare, education, transportation, housing, assistance, and inclusion of certain socially, demographically, and geographically disadvantaged groups. Thus, with access to big data and the use of adequate analytical techniques, it has become possible to identify and measure previously invisible and therefore unsolvable issues.

In this final assignment, you are required to research and identify case studies and examples of statistical applications in public administration and urban management in the United States (e.g.: These cases should be concrete examples of the use and impact of advanced analytics in public administration and/or urban management, and they should systematically reflect the main challenges, opportunities, and lessons learned from the projects.

You are then required to select one specific case study of your interest that demonstrate statistical application in public administration or urban management that is uniquely aligned to your interest or professional career, for in-depth review and analysis using the following structure:

  1. Brief introduction summarizing the problem/issues to be addressed, as well as the goals and objectives of the case or project.
  2. What data had to be gathered or was available (include sources) to address the goals and objectives of the case or project.
  3. State the methodologies, techniques and tools used to collect and analyze data to produce the results/findings presented.
  4. Provide a critique of the statistical applications and summary of relevant challenges and opportunities from the case or project.
  5. What key lessons or recommendations could be learned from your case or project for either public policy, governance, or management.


Prepare a 1200-1500-word (4-5 pages) summary report, save in pdf format and upload on D2L Dropbox labelled “Final Project Report”.

Final ProjectFinal Project Due May 5 at 11:30 PM Starts Apr 14, 2022 10:00 PM 

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