Entrepreneurship – Week 3 Assignment Executive Summary Over the next


Entrepreneurship – Week 3 Assignment

Executive Summary

Over the next weeks of the course, you will be developing a venture of your own. Though realistically this is not expected to be a viable venture, choose an idea that you have for a venture that you would like to develop or would like to see developed. You may use a product of service to provide for your clients.

Using the information from this week’s lectures and research, develop an executive summary for your company.

Remember that the executive summary is a company-marketing document intended to excite potential investors, customers, advisers, and employees. Its purpose is to get the call back and start the serious discussions—the process that will result in action.

Your executive summary should include:

·  The Mission Statement

·  Company information

·  Growth highlights – Graphs and charts can be helpful in this section.

·  Your Products/Services

·  Financial information – If you are seeking financing, include any information about your current bank and investors.

·  Summarize future plans –

·  The elevator speech—for this assignment it will take the place of an abstract. It should be crisp, clear, and convey what the company is all about in less than 250 words.

This paper should have a title page, abstract (the elevator speech), body, and reference page. Points will be deducted if any of these four sections are missing. Make sure papers are written in correct APA style.

All papers should be written in the third person (he, he, it, and they). Make every effort not to shift to second person (you, your) as in, “When starting a company you need money.” Try to avoid shifting to the first person (I, we) as well. It is distracting to the reader and bad style to shift persons in a paper—students often do it in the middle of a sentence.

The executive summary should be between 400-600 words (not including the elevator speech/abstract), double spaced, and use font size 12. Structure the paper along the lines advised above.

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