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Question 1: In an APA formatted one page, please conduct an internet search and find some forms of hardware malware. Determine how the piece of malware is successful, and how it was detected. Determine if you feel that hardware malware is truly a threat, or whether or not it is not a threat. Please watch the link for more info: Link: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Question 2: Open your antivirus program and take a look at some of the malware that it has caught. Look for familiar things that made this piece of malware detectable. Think of ways that this piece of malware could have gotten through. If you do not have an antivirus program, please go to Symantec’s website and look at some of the most popular malware and then do the same. Please remember to discuss two of your peer’s findings with affirmation or non-affirmation of their findings. Link: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Question 3: Watch this TED talk regarding malware, and write a 2 page paper on the topic. Topics to cover in the paper are, do you agree with this presenter? If so why? If not why? Where do you think this presenter was correct, and where was this presenter incorrect? Link: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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