Carpe Diem philosophy

Description An essay bout 750 words and at least five paragraphs ,explain the positive and negative aspects of living one’s life according to the carpe diem philosophy. In the introduction , avoid giving audience the meaning of the carpe diem. Instead uses a quote, a provocative question, stating the significance of the topic or a combination of those strategies. In the conclusion avoid repeating the main ideas , offer a conclusion that is based on your essay. In addition , you must quote and cite at least two quality scholarly sources in the essay to support or expand your ideas. By “Quality” I mean that yoiu cannot cite wikipedia or ehow or sparknotes or schmoop or any other sources that have no author. The sources should have stated authors , and the authors should have the credentials that make them worthy of using in a college paper. You must use these sources in the body ,not in the conclusion or the introduction. You are required to use MLA format , which includes a proper heading and title, parenthetical documentation, and a “work cited” list following the essay.

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