Assignment #1 Write an approximately 2 page essay (800 words)


Assignment #1

Write an approximately 2 page essay (800 words) using at least 2 outside resources on the court/legal process in the United States. This assignment is to show your critical thinking skills. Some information you might want to include to earn points:• Is the legal system we have in the United States fair for both parties? Consider both the civil and criminal system.•Could you design a better system?•Give one example of a case in which you think the verdict was not representative of the facts presented? Why do you think that happened? Do you agree that it “should” happen in a working legal system? This should not be based on emotion. It should be based on process.You may not use a case older than 25 years, The OJ Simpson or Casey Anthony case. •Ensure you use terms of things that occur in the court process. For example “I think the legal system is inherently unfair because it requires parties to write extensive pleadings thus necessitating the need for attorneys. This effectively bars access to the courts for many indigent Plaintiffs. This is not what the Founders had in mind . . . “•Do not write a paper merely quoting a source’s opinion. You will be graded on content, support, organization, grammar, and cohesiveness. You must use APA formatting and citation.  

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