Go to the website below. Pick one article and provide a brief summary and your comment on it. Make sure to cite the Author
and the name of the publication or institution that published the article.




Your answer in this forum must be no less than 500 words, must be detailed, and must show evidence of your critical thinking skills. I not only want to know who you chose to lay off and why, but also why you didn’t choose the other candidates. The explanation for the person you chose to lay-off must be no less than 200 words.

All posts must be written in your own words and not copied from the textbook or any other sources.

Here is this week’s question:

One of the elements of HR is knowing when it’s time to let an employee go. Below is a case study that each of you will read and make a decision about which employee will be laid-off from the company. Please read the instructions and the employee bios carefully.  Your decision must be justifiable. Please state which employee you are choosing to let go and the specific reason why. Then explain why you did not choose the other employees. I will evaluate and critique your answers based on your objectivity and critical analysis.


You are one of the managers of a department store in your community. You have just been informed by your supervisor that one of your employees will have to be laid off because of company cutbacks. You are now meeting with your managerial colleagues to decide which employee will be chosen. All employees are employed full-time, and all work the same number of hours. There is one formal rule you have to follow: The reason for laying a person off must be job-related. Which of the following employees would you and your colleagues choose? Make the best decision you can with the limited information you are given. Be prepared to discuss the reasoning behind your group’s decision.

Marsha: Aged 30, married, with two children, Marsha has worked for the company for five years. She loves her job and requires little or no supervision. You have considered giving her a promotion when the opportunity arises. Other people go to Marsha when they have questions, because she is good at training others. She has been going to school part time to get a management degree and will graduate in another year.

Bob: Aged 49, divorced, with one child, Bob has worked with the company for 22 years. He keeps to himself but always gets work done. You never have to give Bob instructions, because he knows his job so well. Others in the department call him “Pop” because he seems like a father figure to everyone and is well liked. He really adds a great deal of stability to your department. He does not want to change his job at all because he is happy. You put Bob in charge in your absence.

Trent: Aged 19, single, a Native American, Trent just began working for your company 11 months ago. He went to an accelerated school as a child and started college when he was 15 years old. He has since graduated with a business degree and shows promise of going far in your company. He is already the best salesperson in your department. Most people get along with him well. Because he is new, Trent needs a lot of training, but his sales are worth your extra time.

Madeline: Madeline is 25, married, and three months pregnant. She transferred to your store only last month but has over three years total experience in the company. You have not been very satisfied with her attendance because she is calling in sick a lot. However, she is the only person that you feel you can give your most difficult tasks to, because she is very thorough. She also has had more customer compliments than any other person in your department.

Catrina: Catrina is 33, single, has three children, and is a recovering alcoholic. She fulfills a very necessary function in your department by doing maintenance work, which no one else really has time for. Catrina is efficient and is never late; however, she does not really associate with the others. She has worked with the company for over 10 years but she cannot read or write; it is likely that this is one of the few places she could find work.

Antonio: Aged 27, single, with no children, Antonio has worked for two years in your department, and in that time he has won three awards for creating outstanding merchandise displays (the heart and soul of retail). He is your most conscientious worker and keeps your department looking great. You have wondered, though, whether he comes to work under the influence of drugs. Several customers have complained about poor grooming habits and language he uses. In the last month, however, he has made significant improvements.

(Please be specific in your answer, and provide details and evidence of critical thought to support your conclusions. You are being graded on (a) the content of your answer, (b) how well you support your answer with details and evidence of your critical thinking skills, and (c) your ability to follow the directions of this assignment.)

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