about 1 page double space 1.Unlike the final product the basis for the checkpoint grade is on content alone and

about 1 page, double space
1.Unlike the final product, the basis for the checkpoint grade is on content alone, and will not include the overall appearance of the paper, tables, etc. However, you should follow the formatting guidelines outlined in the original assignment, including footnoting, etc. Please make sure that you use the spellchecker in Word, and other grammar functions, which are excellent.
2.Overall, keep in mind that this is not the financial analysis.
Therefore, you do not need to discuss how the company is doing financially, etc., although you can briefly mention it.
— Use a variety of sources to the extent possible. This should not be a problem when it comes to discussion of management, in particular. Do not use corporate summaries of Yahoo and other business sites. They are BORING and have a different purpose than your project. The better and more interesting the sources, the better the writing.
–Use quotes from people with something to say; however, do not use quotes simply to regurgitate facts or to avoid having to write something yourself. For example, it makes no sense to quote, “Costco has 474 warehouses throughout the United States.”
— Do not list all of the management team and board members. Pick out only the relevant and important things to discuss. You have very limited space, so you do not want to waste it on fluff. THIS IS ABOUT THE MANAGEMENT OF THE COMPANY, NOT THE MANAGERS. You can talk about the key people, of course, but it is not a biography lesson. It should talk about what they are trying to accomplish and how, among other things.
–If you have a famous CEO, you can talk about them, especially if they started the company. I recall one team’s checkpoint on Ralph Lauren Co. They never even mentioned that Ralph Lauren started the company, had been the CEO forever, and the company was named after him. Kind of important.
— The description of the corporation should not include its competitive environment. That goes in a later section.

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