A special education resource teacher is trying to quiet an

A special education resource teacher is trying to quiet an agitated student in the library. The student is so out of control that he turns over his chair and throws a book from the shelf at the resource teacher. The resource teacher is struck in the head by the book. The regular education teacher attempts to restore calmness by slamming a large paperweight onto a table. The teacher has to remove the student from the library due to his uncontrollable behavior. The regular education teacher holds onto the student’s upper arm to guide him out of the library to a time-out area designated for this type of behavior. The student yells derogatory remarks at the teacher and tells her that she will be sued. The next day, the parents of the student contact the school administration and school resource officer with a report of child abuse. 

  • Review the scenario and decide if there is a possible tort law liability and who might be liable. Next, propose an alternate way to resolve the situation to avoid possible tort law liability. Use one case law example to support your discussion response

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