(550 words min) Do you think there will be a


(550 words min)

Do you think there will be a woman president of the United States in your lifetime? If not, why? If so, what differences, if any, do you think a woman would bring to the office of the presidency?

If the United States had a woman president, do you think that other nations might perceive this as a weakness or as a strength?

Finally, several nations in the world have women presidents or prime ministers. Identify how many of these nations are viewed as world economic superpowers and of those identified, which ones have female political officials who are really no more than token representatives (such as the Queen of England).

Where does the U.S. rank in terms of having female representation in politics, specifically regarding the highest ranking positions. You should be able to research this easily as there are many recent articles wit this information readily available.

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Tristan Polard

                             Yes, I believe that there will eventually be a woman president in my lifetime due to the display of work from individuals such as Hillary Clinton and our former vice president. While they did not win the presidential election during their time, they were victorious as they stood up against a system that is largely incorporated of white old men. For example, Kamala Harris was elevated to vice president, which brings about huge change since she is also a woman of color and of South Asian descent. Unfortunately, she was chosen by a man which reinforces the idea that a female had to rely on a male in order to reach success in their career. With their level of determination, they serve as an example out of the many women who are yet to run for the presidency in the future. In my opinion, females who desire to run for president must have representation and exposure to those who have tried in the past; since more individuals would open up to the idea of having a woman president so long as there are an equal amount of women as there are men running for office. While empowering, females who run for high positions usually have to act manly and intimidating as their opposite sex. In order for a woman to win the presidency, they have to exceed the qualifications and work harder than their male opponents due to the corrupt system. While I believe that there will be a female president in my lifetime, it is safe to assume that it will take several decades for such change to occur. Such a thing is made out to be true, since Hillary Clinton fell victim to stigmatization, among many other negative factors that went against her campaign; while Trump was more corrupt than she was, he was still the president as a result. I believe that women have more potential than males in office since they are determined to be the best in their respective fields while dealing with the pushback of being female. 

                             As such, I believe that once a woman is elected into office they would bring about organizational change and would feel more connected to the public as a result of their gender. No, I do not believe that foreign nations would preserve America as weak if, in fact, a woman were to be elected president. This is so since many powerful nations such as Germany, England, and India (each with their individual foreign leaders) reinforce the notion that gender does not have an effect. Many would argue that such change would bring about further respect to the United States of America. The EU is regarded as the second-largest superpower in which China is the first. In which Germany is led by Angela Merkel, she has made the nation stable for countless years, an example out of many. India is also regarded as a superpower, in which a female president has created balance within the country.  Female political officials include the Queen of England, Angela Merkel, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Judy Smith, Janet Yellen,  serving as examples out of many. In terms of the U.S. ranking in female representation in politics, the superpower is ranked 75th out of 193 nations on the world scale, based on an article that I recently viewed. 

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