1. What are the rules in Texas regarding mailin ballots preCOVID 2. In the CNN article what did the judge

1.) What are the rules in Texas regarding mail-in ballots (pre-COVID)?
2.) In the CNN article, what did the judge decide regarding the current election laws? How might this impact the upcoming elections?
What is the argument provided by Governor Abbott and others who disagree with the temporary injunction? Which do you agree with? 3.) As the current lawsuit looms, what is the role politics is taking on with regards to our health?
What does the Democratic Party gain if mail-in ballots become easier to obtain?
What does the Republic Party gain in keeping the laws as is? 4.) What are the Democrats hoping will happen, based on the Texas Tribune article?
What moves were recently made by the Supreme Court with regards to expanding voting by mail?
5.) Overall, what are your thoughts, as a voter or potential voter, about this very controversial topic

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